Soulja Boy Blames Label For Record Flop.

"Honestly, I shut down for a week [after my album dropped]," He told Complex magazine. "I wasn’t talking to nobody, I wasn’t talking to management, and I wasn’t talking to the label. I wasn’t picking up nobody’s calls. I went like that for a week. I was in a state of confusion. I needed answers…the label only shipped like 18,000 copies [of the album]. So I wasn’t able to do gold first week or even 100k, none of that. They only put like 8,000 units in Best Buy. It was crazy."

After a COMPLETE flop in early July last year, Soulja Boy states that his motivation to keep rapping was inspired by well proclaimed artist 50 Cent by stating, "[50] was like, 'You’ve got to keep doing what you’re doing. You’re Soulja Boy, you’re here for a reason. Everybody’s not going platinum. Everybody didn’t do what you did. Everybody didn’t come in on the Internet. You’re the one that started the Internet. You’re the one that got me on the Internet. You’re the one that got us on blogs, on YouTube, and on Twitter.’ I was like, ‘Man, you know what? You’re right.’ He wasn’t doing nothing but speaking true knowledge to my head and it got me right back in the studio. So I ain’t going to never quit. I’m going to stay in this music industry. I’m going to stay making hits, and I’m going to do what I’ve got to do, and I thank 50. I really needed that at that time."

In retrospect, I don't think many people expected Soulja to have made quite the splash on the scene as he did, and honestly... I think many people can support my opinion that Soulja Boy is a cancer in the game of rap. His club anthem type songs have NO lyrical content and absolutely no substance to his songs.  Consider Soulja Boy to be another Vanilla Ice of the present times.  Take a listen for yourself...

Lil Wayne's "The Carter IV" Delayed... AGAIN

Well, just as we thought the man behind the image was ready for a blockbuster album, straight out of jail, we find out that Wayne's "The Carter IV" will be pressed back... once again.  The much hyped album will now be released June 21st due to last minute finishing touches. "He's still perfecting a few things, he's a perfectionist... changing a few lines," said Mac Maine, head of Young Money records. "We also have a huge record that wasn't done yet.. We're in L.A. right now.  We have a little studio time and it should be done."

This is rumored to be the much anticipated "Carter IV" album cover.  Although no details have been confirmed yet, the project is bound to be Wayne's top selling album to date.  Personally, this is a make or break album for Wayne... so hopefully he can prove he's still got some gas in the tank. 

And The Award For Most Popular Artist Of All Time Goes To...

Michael Jackson (Left) Eminem (Right
AOL News has recently reported that hip hop legend Eminem has recently became the most popular musical artist of all time.  The Detroit rapper has earned the title after surpassing music icon, Michael Jackson, in likes on his Facebook fanpage.  Em has 30,339,050 likes, while MJ has 29,889,0268.  Love him or hate him, Eminem has left his mark on the music industry... in a time where it's almost impossible to get consumers to purchase an album.  Eminem's 3rd album, The Eminem Show was recently credited with the "Diamond" plaque; selling over 10,000,000 copies.

All Mac Miller Talk Aside...

This might be the dopest video I've seen in awhile.  This makes me so envious of the life that kid is living. Props to RA Rex Arrow for another low budget masterpiece; always putting out quality work.  "We Gonna Take Over the World While These Haters Get Mad!!!"

Q&A with the brains behind 1990NEVER

Kendall Blakeney gives explains the motive behind the 1990NEVER movement.
-What is the start up story behind 1990Never? 
The start up story behind 19/90Never was to take a small idea and capitalize on it. As a visual artist, it’s a natural progression onto apparel. I’ve had the name ‘19/90’ in the back of my head for a while and really didn’t know where to take it and when the idea of a clothing line was spawned, the title naturally fell into place.

-What’s a piece of advice for someone trying to create a business/organization from scratch?
A good piece of advice for anyone looking to start their own line or business/organization in general is to first understand you can’t make everyone happy and be realistic. Realistic in the aspect not going so big all at once, build your community and a following first. You wouldn’t build a grocery store before you had product to sell.

-Through the process, what have been some of the failures you’ve ran in to? How have you learned from them?
Through the process of developing a brand and some of the detours I faced included the fact that I couldn’t make everyone happy and that some people were going to dislike it just for the sake of disliking it. It is discouraging to hear people put down something that isn’t even off of the ground, but then again, haters are just as valuable as fans.

-What’s your biggest risk you’ve taken with the company so far?
The biggest risk I’ve ever taken so far is taking the risk of starting a brand in general. Making the transition from ‘clothing line’ to ‘brand’ is a feat in itself. Not in the aspect of the creation, but a personal feat. Coming from my background and previous history of procrastination, turning sketches and ideas and watching them manifest into a wearable, likeable product is a risk in itself. . . . for me.

-What motivates you to not throw in the towel when you struggle with ideas?
My biggest motivation to not throw in the towel at this point has honestly been friends and the community that 19/90Never now rests on. I never expected the response I’ve received thus far. People requesting pre-orders of the product, talking about the shows, other artists and brand developers wanting to collaborate and so much more. Another personal motivator for me is to create clothing as art, have people wear it and feel a part of something, which essentially is the goal of 19/90Never at this point, to create a community of good people without the approval of your peers.

-How do you go about marketing yourself/your company and which method has worked the best?
‘Marketing’ is such a broad term nowadays and there are so many tools at disposal such as social networking like facebook, twitter, vimeo or youtube. The best advertisement is word of mouth and originally 19/90never was for my friends and family that were interested in what I was working on, once the word got out and the interest grew I took a step further and reached out to music artists such as Cole Deshler, Dutch Newman and Les Paul from the Maryville and Kansas City area to collaborate on a mixtape titled “Spring Forward Fall Never.”

-In three words, characterize who you are.
Brown. Not. Black. OR. Ridiculously. Flippin. Tall.

-Where do you see the company/yourself in 5 years?
5 years from now I see myself and the brand expanding in many directions. I see a homebase office in Kansas City Missouri, a storefront based in Kansas City, 19/90Never offered in many major retailers and a community of people that continue to drive us in a positive, prosperous and innovative direction.

-What would you say to the world about 1990Never if all eyes were on you?
If all eyes were on me, I’d tell the world what 19/90Never was about. A brand that’s embodied around music, skate, hip-hop, good people and good attitudes. Also, Charlie Sheen isn’t a winner. At all.

-Finally, to an outsider looking in… What is 1990Never?
To anyone that didn’t know what 19/90Never was: it’s clothing. Affordable clothing. A community that thrives on music and being your own individual self. A brand that is on a mission of world domination!

Spring Foward: Fall NEVER

The work speaks for itself.  Click the website.  Join the movement.


K.I.D.S>Best Day Ever

Not exactly the masterpiece I was expecting, but pleasing nevertheless.
After waiting an eternity for Mac Miller to release his much hyped "Best Day Ever" mix tape... I'm left a little puzzled. It was nice, I can't really pick out much I don't like about it, but I don't hear anything that makes me think, "wow, this is groundbreaking."  Frankly, nothing about it is new.  Miller hyped up the mix tape through tweets and interviews promising it was going to be a breakthrough in music; turns out it wasn't even his best work to date.  His previous K.I.D.S (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit) album was much more epic.  I can honestly play the entire album through without wanting to skip a song.  One of the only gems on his new release would be the song "I'll Be There".  After hearing the mellow beat and passionate lyrics (about his mother), I had to take the time to post the video on my momma's Facebook wall.